Spirit of the Mess

The prestige of a regiment depends to a great extent upon the tone of its Mess. A well-run Mess will ensure contented and hardworking members. A slack and bad Mess leads to general slackness and inefficiency among its members and gives the regiment a bad name from people who come as visitors. A great deal can be done by all members and visitors to this website to foster the right spirit here on The Serjeants’ Mess.

It is the intended goal of this website to help guide the senior non-commissioned officers (NCOs) of Crown Forces North America (CFNA) to online sources that will assist them with their historical research, their personal portrayals at events, and, above all, their leadership roles within the units they belong to.

All the senior NCOs of CFNA are invited to contribute to this website through comments to blog posts. In addition, they are welcome to contact the author using the contact function of this website with suggested improvements to the website, submitted blog posts of their own, and links to helpful websites.


It is most important that that all members and visitors should bear in mind that they are guests on this website, and should behave as they would like to see guests behaving in their own home.

The Serjeants’ Mess is not only the home of some individual re-enactors, but it is the home of all the senior NCOs of CFNA as a group. It is essential therefore that the behaviour here on The Serjeants’ Mess should be exemplary, as it could have a direct bearing on the discipline throughout the organisation. Any personal likes and dislikes must be put aside for the benefit of the Mess as a whole.